About Us – Overview

About Us – Overview

The origins of the firm began more than a decade ago when Andy Hill and Jennifer Figurelli began working together in the trust department of a regional bank. Prior to entering the trust industry, Jennifer began her professional career in the legal field, while Andy ran an independent investment firm in Naples, Florida which focused on value investing. From early in the professional partnership, Jennifer and Andy discovered that they shared the same work ethics and client service standards. Not long after first meeting, the discussions of forming a firm began. Over the next decade, Jennifer and Andy worked together as a team to assist their clients with wealth management, estate planning, trust administration, and investment management.

The timing to launch AHIA in January 2010 was appropriate given the positive trends, such as improved financial market circumstances, the emerging demand for third party custodians, and larger investment firms outsourcing their services to remote call centers for clients with modest sized portfolios. Between the renewed interest in financial markets, and an increased demand for local professional service, investors have begun to consider new advisors. Many new independent investment advisors have left larger institutions to establish their own practices. This trend is being facilitated by discount brokerage firms, including Charles Schwab, Fidelity, and TD Waterhouse, that offer safety and security in holding client accounts, providing clients with very low cost trading commissions, and providing advisors with industry leading portfolio management technology.

3 Reasons to Consider AHIA

  1. Technical expertise
    The partners of the firm have a combined 30 years of experience in portfolio management and fiduciary account administration. Mr. Hill is a Chartered Financial Analyst, and Mrs. Figurelli is a Certified Trust & Financial Advisor. Their comprehensive experience and industry credentials signify their attainment of knowledge in a number of professional areas, including, but not limited to:- Investment Management; a special emphasis on Sustainable/Socially Responsible Investing
    – Fiduciary and Trust activities
    – Financial Planning for an individual and/or a family with a Special Needs child
    – Retirement Planning, including managing small employer pension plans
  2. Services beyond investment management 
    Our fees include not only customized portfolio management, but also access to a number of other services which are tailored to our clients’ needs and demands. Some examples include:- Broad-based or consultative financial planning
    – Bookkeeping, Expense Management, Mail Management and Courier Services
    – Organizing financial records
    – Coordinate income tax filings with CPA/Tax Preparer
  3. Leveraging the resources of Fidelity Investments
    We have selected Fidelity Investments as our primary, third-party custodian for our clients’ assets. Fidelity provides us with leading technology that assists us with simplified recordkeeping, trading strength, and back-office support. This allows us to dedicate our time to monitoring the investment in our client’s accounts and strive to provide them with excellent service. For our clients, Fidelity provides:- Low- cost trading
    – Monthly, Quarterly and Annual account statements
    – Online access via Fidelity.com
    – Resources of Fidelity Charitable Services Group

Andrew D.W. Hill

President & Co-Founder

Andrew D.W. Hill is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and a former Certified Public Accountant (CPA). As a former Senior Portfolio Manager for several regional trust banks, Hill has leveraged his experience by establishing investment policies that provide his clients with a heightened level of investment insight and a rewarding financial legacy. As the President of Andrew Hill Investment Advisors, Inc., Hill is responsible for the overall performance and management of every client’s investment portfolio.

Holding a Masters degree in Business Administration from Syracuse University, Hill has been interviewed on CNBC, FOX, and numerous local networks discussing financial issues and conservation issues. Also, he was a featured guest on “Fishing with Roland Martin” guiding Roland Martin through the Florida Everglades.

Hill is actively engaged in organizations that conserve the environment and education. He is Vice Chair of the Board of Directors for the Conservancy of Southwest Florida; serves on the Hodges University President’s Council; is the Past President of the Estuary Conservation Association; and Past President of the Naples Financial Analysts Society.

Jennifer R. Figurelli

Co-Founder, Wealth Advisor, Chief Compliance Officer

Jennifer R. Figurelli is a Certified Trust and Financial Advisor (CTFA), a Trust School graduate and holds Life, Health and Variable Annuity Designations. Figurelli obtained a Bachelors degree in Business Administration and a Legal Assistants Certificate from two Florida universities. As AHIA’s Chief Compliance Officer, Figurelli oversees the regulatory requirements of the firm. She also leads the Concierge division of the company.

Figurelli has significant experience as a trusted advisor for families in transition and understands the delicate role this responsibility plays in the overall management of a client’s financial well-being.

Mrs. Figurelli is also actively involved in the community. Her volunteer experience includes service to the David Lawrence Foundation, the Conservancy of Southwest Florida, Youth Haven Inc., Habitat for Humanity, Ave Maria University, YMCA of the Palms, Saint Ann Church, and the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill of Collier County.


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