How to establishing Florida residency

  1. File a “Declaration of Domicile” in the Offices of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Collier County, Florida.

  2. Obtain a Florida driver’s license and plates for automobile(s).

  3. Request the supervisor of registration in the State of your former residence to strike your name from the voting records of that State.

  4. File all future Federal income tax returns in Florida.

  5. Notify taxing officials of your change of residence.

  6. File for homestead status for you residence.  Filing may be done during January and February at the Collier County Courthouse/Property Appraiser’s office.   Bring the following documents:   Deed, Florida driver’s license, Florida automobile registration, voter’s registration, Social Security Number and filed Declaration of Domicile.   If you do not drive, have a Highway Patrol identification card issued at the driver’s license office.    Note: If your homestead property is listed jointly, both parties much furnish the above-referenced documents.

  7. Change your Will and Trust documents to recite you are a resident of Florida.

  8. Update Powers of Attorney, Health Care and Living Wills to conform to Florida statutes.

  9. Spend at least six months and 1 day per year in Florida.

  10. If you hold stock, notify corporations of your change of residence and have the securities re-registered in your name at your Florida address.

  11. Transfer financial (bank, brokerage, investment) accounts from the State of your former residence to Florida.

  12. Open a safe deposit box in Florida to hold all of your valuable items and important documents.

  13. Change your mailing address to Florida for any out-of-state accounts that you maintain.

  14. Recite you are a resident of Florida in all future contracts or other documents.

  15. Own or lease, and occupy a dwelling in Florida.

  16. Discontinue/Cancel any club memberships outside of Florida where residence in such a State is a prerequisite to holding such membership.   Change out-of-state memberships to “non-resident” memberships, if possible.

  17. Transfer your religious affiliations (house of worship, church, etc. to Florida.

  18. Register at hotels as a resident of Florida.

  19. Transact all business in Florida.  




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