Socially Responsible Investing

Generally, Socially Responsible Investing is the practice of including the analysis of environmental, social and governance factors in addition to traditional fundamental and technical analysis. These factors can have material impact, either positive or negative, on a company’s brand image, costs of operation, relations with regulatory agencies, and ultimately, stock price. MORE…


Investment Management

Our investment management services focus on providing individually managed portfolios designed to meet client individual needs and circumstances. Our cash flow based wealth management philosophy, described as the “need matched portfolio,” partitions the portfolio into short, intermediate and long term goals and matches with the investment strategy appropriate to achieving the specific goal. MORE…


Custodian Services

AHIA does not serve as a custodian for clients’ assets, but can provide trustee advisory services for an extra layer of accountability, fiduciary oversight and protection. We help our clients select a financial institution that provides the level of custodian services necessary. AHIA’s custodian selection process considers a number of factors, including insurance protection for assets, client service, best execution, fees/expenses, technology and recordkeeping. 

A custodian is a financial institution that has legal responsibility to a client’s assets. A custodian provides safekeeping of assets, collects interests and dividends, relays any corporate information or actions that impact a client’s investments, and generates client statements. 

While Andrew Hill Investment Associates has the ability to work with various custodians, we have selected Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services as our primary custodian for our clients.


Florida Trust Account – Trustee Services

Our partnership with Fidelity allows us the benefit of providing corporate trustee services to our clients. Fidelity Personal Trust Company, as the corporate trustee, assumes the custody, accounting, tax reporting and discretionary and non-discretionary administrative duties. Andrew Hill Investment Advisors, Inc., as the advisor, retains the investment management duties and will serve as the primary contact for the client at all times.

In addition, Fidelity has a network of participating corporate trustees that are federal and state-chartered. This is a flexible arrangement for clients who require a specific state trustee or desire to have their trust managed in a tax-favorable jurisdiction. We recommend that our clients consult with their legal professional prior to selecting a corporate trustee.


Financial Concierge Services

In addition to traditional asset management, we realize that clients have many other needs and demands. As representatives of the financial industry, the Co-Founders of Andrew Hill Investment Advisors, Inc. believe that we have a responsibility to provide a high level of personalized service to ALL clients, regardless of the size of their portfolios. 

We provide services that are customized to our clients’ individual and unique circumstances, otherwise referred to as “Financial Concierge” services. 

This level of service allows our firm to create a client experience similar to a high-end Family Office setting, but without the high-end costs. MORE…


Pet Trust Services

As animal lovers and supporters of such causes, the Co-Founders of Andrew Hill Investment Advisors, Inc. extend their Financial Concierge services to their clients’ four-legged friends and extended family. For many pet owners, planning for their future is often overlooked. We help our clients develop and establish necessary plans to help protect their beloved pets from circumstances that may arise now or in the future.



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