Financial Concierge




In addition to traditional asset management, we realize that clients have many other needs and demands. As representatives of the financial industry, the Co-Founders of Andrew Hill Investment Advisors, Inc. believe that we have a responsibility to provide a high level of personalized service to ALL clients, regardless of the size of their portfolios. 

We provide services that are customized to our clients’ individual and unique circumstances, otherwise referred to as “Financial Concierge” services.

This level of service allows our firm to create a client experience similar to a high-end Family Office setting, but without the high-end costs.

For example,

  • Do you need assistance with conquering the endless financial paperwork in your life?
  • Are you new to the area and unfamiliar with what is required to be considered a Florida resident?
  • Are you considering refinancing your mortgage and need some guidance in choosing a new bank?
  • Would you like to be more organized before April 15th?

Our Financial Concierge services are at no additional charge to our investment clients, as these services are included in our annual asset management fee. For clients who need Financial Concierge services only, we will structure a fee arrangement based on the simplicity or complexity of your situation. 


The following are examples of typical concierge services we provide:

Administrative Services 

Liaison with Current and New Professionals 

Planning for the Future and the Unexpected 

New Florida Resident


Financial Planning for Special Needs Families 


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