Interview with Fox4- Pet Planning Services

Andrew D.W. Hill and Jennifer R. Figurelli interview with Carly from Fox4 on why it is important to not only plan for your own future, but also for your pets’ future. Special guests- Snooky and Apollo.

Florida Pet Trust – Planning Services for Pets

As animal lovers and supporters of such causes, the Co-Founders of Andrew Hill Investment Advisors, Inc. extend their Financial Concierge services to their clients’ four-legged friends and extended family.

For many pet owners, planning for their future is often overlooked.

We help our clients develop and establish necessary plans to help protect their beloved pets from circumstances that may arise now or in the future. Andrew Hill Investment Advisors, Inc specializes inFlorida Pet Trust investment strategies & management.

Planning Consideration for Pet Owners and Animal Lovers:

  • What are my options for pet care while I am at work, in the hospital, on vacation or during a hurricane?
  • What documents do I need to have in place for my pet’s care- now and in the future?
  • Who will care for my pet when I am no longer able to?
  • How can I be sure that my friends or family members will take good care of my pet?
  • What is a Pet Trust?
  • Are there local organizations that provide long-term pet care?
  • How can I support these organizations?

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