Businesses in the city of Naples working hard to go green

NAPLES, Fla. – For dozens of businesses in the city of Naples, they’ve expanded their goals from providing services and making a profit, to setting their sights on a smaller carbon foot print.

“The fact that these days its just another way of being a good corporate citizen by not only focusing on profit margins and seeing how you’re business is going to impact the environment,” said Jennifer Figurelli, the co-founder of Andrew Hill Investments. 

The city of Naples Green Business Program helps to make that happen, empowering businesses to go green, and offering one-on-one guidance on how to make it all happen.

“Go in and look at their business and how they’re running their operations, making suggestions for sustainable changes,” said Marjorie Ziff-Levine, with the City of Naples Green Business Certification Program.

For Christin Bones, the owner of Utopia Spa, the changes started on the ground.

“We brought in recyclable floors, also we use a lot of water, so cutting down with high efficiency washer and dryer, water heater, has severely helped,” said Bones.

And similar changes were made to Jerry’s Cleaners. Colin Fyke said the outcome far exceeds the initial cost to make changes to his store.

“We notice it a lot more, especially with the younger generation, the moral part of it. Just the fact that we’re doing the right thing. Even though we’re in business and our objective is to make money just like everyone else’s, we want to be able to go home at night and lay down and feel like we’ve done everything we could to make that happen in the right way,” said Fyke.

The Naples Sustainable Business network holds meetings every month. The next takes place on August 15th. So far, 35 businesses have become certified green. For more information go to 


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