Green Business Visibility is Growing in Naples!!

Green Business Visibility is Growing in Naples!!

Green Business Program
Our businesses are the backbone of our economy and the environment is its lifeblood. The City of Naples Green Business Program encourages and recognizes local businesses that incorporate environmentally conscious practices into their everyday operations.

If you are a business owner or manager and want to……

Trim your operating expenses.
Ensure that your customers know about your environmental efforts.
Stand out from your competitors.
Play your part in maintaining the paradise of Naples.
…….join the Green Business Program and find out how.

Key points:

The program is free and open to all City of Naples businesses.
Members receive one-on-one guidance on ways to save money and protect the environment.
Green businesses are certified for a two-year period.
Certified businesses receive plaques and stickers to display as well as on-going recognition and promotion.
Achieving certification does not cost money upfront! The biggest input is your commitment.

This is the first program of its kind in southwest Florida and thirty smart businesses are on the path to sustainability. Join in!


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